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military pension (2 Posts)
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19 April, 2017 05:46PM
military pension
confusedandsad - 19 April, 2017 05:46PM
my husband and i are separating and i want to do the sensible thing, not a knee jerk emotional reaction to the situation

our background intel:

we've had an interesting relationship to put it politely. married 2005, separated on paper, but not really, for 2 years in 2012-2014 and now fully separated and definitely divorcing since october 2016.

we have three children between us. he have not had a joint account since 2006. i have proof that i have paid off over 7k of debt when we first got together. i am confident he doesn't have savings and a small amount of debt. i have saved hard and been able to put deposit and buy a house independently and I'm not sure what to do for the best. I'm angry at the moment and feel entitled, knowing that going for his money will hurt him. also concerned that his girlfriend (of a year!!) is very young and will want to tie him into a future marriage and children..

him - 34, 14 years and counting military service (pension), on 44K a year, will be living in the mess. has credit cards and prob 3k debt on them. has some savings but probably less than 10k.

me - 32 9 years miliatary pension, 2 years in the NHS so pension building up there. 28k a year, custody of the three kids. have just sunk all my savings into a house, mortgage is my only debt - house obtained in my own name.

so my questions are two fold:
1) is my house at potential risk from him, as in, is he able to try and get some of the equity from the house??
2)his pension will be worth massively more than mine, would it be sensible to seek some of this, or best to leave it alone??
Re: military pension
davidterry - 20 April, 2017 09:09AM
>> i have saved hard

The question is when did you save hard? If your savings were built up post separation that is one thing but if you saved hard throughout the marriage that is another. This is not necessarily determinative. The fact that there are three children will matter more. However, this type of detail does matter. Given your ages pensions are not likely to be a big issue although if there is a big disparity of capital transfer values which arose during your time together that may justify some pension share. It very much depends upon the figures and the period or periods over which they were built up.
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