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NDA in Consent Order (6 Posts)
Started By:
07 April, 2017 08:05PM
NDA in Consent Order
Bubblegum - 07 April, 2017 08:05PM
Can anyone tell me why my ex would want a non disclosure agreement/ confidentiality agreement written into our consent order?
Should I take it at face value and accept it's just a matter of privacy or could there be another reason which I should be suspicious of. His disclosure has been rather limited and he's far from honest and upfront but with only a matter of weeks before our FH he wants to settle. Having said that, I am agreeable to the consent order which gives me most of the marital pot.

Also what if I have already disclosed the terms of our consent order to friends before signing it - isn't it just all a bit pointless?
Surely it wouldn't prevent me from returning to court if I later discovered and could evidence he was hiding a mountain of money.confused smiley
Re: NDA in Consent Order
Andyk - 09 April, 2017 06:41AM
I thought it was just the Super Rich that did that so the details don't end up in the Daily Mail.
Re: NDA in Consent Order
Bubblegum - 09 April, 2017 06:58AM
That's what I thought too. Unfortunately that's not my circumstances though. Modest marital pot and nothing extraordinary in the consent order which needs hiding as such. Maybe it's just a control thing, he always has to have the last say.
Re: NDA in Consent Order
davidterry - 10 April, 2017 02:36PM
>> it wouldn't prevent me from returning to court if I later discovered and could evidence he was hiding a mountain of money.confused smiley

It wouldn't, no. Although, of course, if you were unable to say you received £X from your ex it might make it less likely that someone might reply, 'Cor blimey, he inherited three times that amount from his aunt last year' (or some such thing). If a person wants to insert a clause like this you have to be especially sure that you have full financial disclosure before you sign on the dotted line.
Re: NDA in Consent Order
Bubblegum - 10 April, 2017 05:55PM
Thanks David.
The disclosure I have is far from honest but it is as good as it's going to get. Although I could go to Final Hearing and ask the Court to make adverse inferences the Court won't be able to award me any more that what is officially in the marital pot for the taking anyway.

I will weigh-up the pros and cons of signing a consent order with a NDA.

Thanks for your help.
Re: NDA in Consent Order
davidterry - 11 April, 2017 11:31AM
It is fair to say that some solicitors - typically London based - do routinely insert non disclosure agreements in draft orders which they prepare. Perhaps it is in their internal precedent book so you shouldn't necessarily assume the requirement comes from your husband.
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