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Does she have to sign? help please! (2 Posts)
Started By:
04 April, 2017 02:11PM
Does she have to sign? help please!
Lrose - 04 April, 2017 02:11PM
My partner's looking to divorce his wife. She's proven to be a little tiny bit of a problem (having an article published in The Sun about the break up!) so we're prepared for her to make the process difficult. They don't own anything together, or have children - and separated after 2 months of marriage (Jan 2016). Is there a way he can get a divorce without giving her a chance to cause chaos?

Thank you!
Re: Does she have to sign? help please!
Andyk - 04 April, 2017 07:11PM
If he sees a solicitor they a should be able to suitably word a divorce petition for him using unreasonable behaviour, that doesn't need her permission, best for him to get his petition in first, then he is in control of the divorce.
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