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Emotionally abusive husband/3 children/no money of my own (4 Posts)
Started By:
30 March, 2017 08:53PM
Emotionally abusive husband/3 children/no money of my own
DivorcE2017 - 30 March, 2017 08:53PM
Hello everyone Id really appreciate some sound and honest advice please.

Background info
. Together 10 yrs
. Married nearly 5
. Emotional Abuse: lies/manipulation/put downs/no money etc...
. 3 children under 6
. Stay at home mum battling with depression for 3yrs
. Him self employed in healthcare but money mostly coming in from abroad
. Engaged/married/conceived within 18months of graduating from University
. No career No income except for a budget of £100/week to be spent on food shopping+fuel+playgroups

Actual Context

. He has owned the house we live in for 15yrs and I moved in 10yrs ago
. He bought a new family home 2yrs ago through a mortgage in his offshore company's name(in which we still havent moved: cowboy builders/wrong decisions on his part)
. Has threatened several times during argumenrs that I would soon see why I shouldnt get too comfortable
. Has mentioned throughout this relationship that i have no rights whilst living under his roof...etc that all of the properties he owns are his alone and that if we were to divorce id have to move into council accomodation or back to my home country in Europe and him back to his in Africa

. Property 1 worth roughly £500 000
. Property 2 worth roughly £1.5 million
. My name on neither of them although we are now married and have the same name.

Have I got any hope in staying in Property 1 which has been mine and my childrens home for 10 years?
I dont want anything from Property 2 he bought and did it up without hardly involving me... Since he mentioned selling off P1 as soon as we move to P2 Im very worried he will just kick me out without giving any support (since P2 is in his company name rather than a personal assest...)
A friend of his who works as a mortgage adviser suggested he kept P1 to rent it out but he doesnt want to.

I really need advice please, my kids future is all i keep worrying about.
Many thanks in advance

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Re: Emotionally abusive husband/3 children/no money of my own
DivorcE2017 - 31 March, 2017 08:23PM
Any advice would be much appreciated guys...
Re: Emotionally abusive husband/3 children/no money of my own
DivorcE2017 - 22 April, 2017 08:41PM
Nobody then?
Re: Emotionally abusive husband/3 children/no money of my own
Bubblegum - 22 April, 2017 10:23PM
Hi there,
Not sure how much I can help but I think you should register matrimonial home rights on the property you live in without delay. This will prevent it being sold and you should not move out. It sounds like your husband has some complex assets and finances and you should probably seek professional advice and full financial disclosure to properly assess your position. Just because you have not made a financial conrtribution to the home and that it's not in your name does not mean you and the children do not have a right to it. Your contribution was caring for the three kids whilst your husband worked and the courts would view this as an equal contribution.

You have said how much the houses are worth, but it would be helpful to see what the net equity is. Ideally you need a mortgage free home for you and the kids. If the assets do not go that far then some sort of mesher order might be an option. The courts first consideration will be the needs of the children.

Like I said before, the first thing you should do is get the matrimonial home rights registered. Phone or visit your local CAB centre and they will help you with this if you can't afford a solicitor. They may also be able to advise if you would be able to access any legal aid due to domestic abuse - but I think you may need something to back this up eg: police, SW or DR report etc.
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