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Maintenance confusion - please help (2 Posts)
Started By:
22 March, 2017 06:29AM
Maintenance confusion - please help
MissS - 22 March, 2017 06:29AM
My ex husband and I signed a financial agreement drawn up by his solicitor 3 years ago. It says that he will pay a fixed amount of maintenance per month (we have 2 children that live with me). In January he decided not to pay it anymore. He says that it is not legally binding as we didn't have a consent order so he doesn't have to honour it. Please can you let me know where I stand? I don't want to take it further if I'm just going to lose more money. Many thanks S
Re: Maintenance confusion - please help
Bubblegum - 22 March, 2017 05:07PM
When you say 'maintenance' are you referring to spousal or/and child maintenance? You can claim child maintenace through the CMS. Why would you not want to get a consent/court order?

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