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Breach of consent order (3 Posts)
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19 March, 2017 12:40AM
Breach of consent order
Susanlily - 19 March, 2017 12:40AM
My ex-husband and I divorced in 2013. The process took 14 months . In the consent order there was an agreement that he should pay 50% of all the costs of the dog and two Degus which I was left with when he walked out. Since then he has only paid what he considered to be a suitable amount monthly and argued that I owed him three months mortgage money which he paid during our separation. In actual fact I found out later via my solicitor that he should have been paying half of the mortgage repayments so I owed him nothing. I had however made a payment of £650 before I was informed of this by my solicitor as my ex-husband was being quite unkind to me . My ex-husband has held this over me refusing to pay towards the cost of keeping the dog and two degus. I've tried in 2013 to resolve the issue and I received nothing but unpleasantness and arrogant messages. I have Multiple Sclerosis and found this so stressful that it made me ill. Therefore it has taken me four years full to put together the subsequent invoices et cetera full which I sent to him three weeks ago. Today I received a letter informing me he would pay nothing towards the cost of kennelling whilst I was away unless it was whilst I was in hospital and he would decide what was an extravagance and a treat and would pay non-of these. He then went on to say he would pay the outstanding balance over a period of 48 months due to my invoicing. His idea of extravagance are dog beds, blankets and a dog coat (the dog is now 12 years old and needs protection from the rain) and some treats have been included and others have not. He will also not pay towards the cost of cremation of one of the degus.

Do I have a clear case of breach of consent order? Will the fact that I took so long to send the invoices due to fear of repercussions and illness go against me? I feel I have been manipulated for so long and he says that he is awaiting my agreement to his terms and that will be an end to it. I do not trust him to keep these terms on top of the fact that he has discarded £600 worth of fees and that does not include what he has previously discarded. I know that this may seem petty as it only regards a dog and two degus but I was left with these animals, I had the choice of keeping them or giving them away. With the consent order I felt at least I was covered legally, is this the case?

Thank you for any positive feedback.
Re: Breach of consent order
davidterry - 20 March, 2017 06:54PM
>>I know that this may seem petty as it only regards a dog and two degus

That about sums it up. It is not worth the expense of going to court over. I can't say I knew what a degu was until I looked it up but now that I have I cannot imagine there is much cost to feeding two 200 gram rodents. You have to look at all litigation from am an economic point of view. This just isn't worth stressing yourself over. Pursuing this just gives yourself unnecessary grief.
Re: Breach of consent order
HatMan - 21 March, 2017 02:31PM
I cannot believe you went to the expense of getting the rodent cremated!!! - No wonder he his objecting to your requests...we have had a multitude of small rodents expire over the years and they get a very swift ( and free ) garden burial....although a bonfire cremation could also have worked I suppose.
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