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Maintenance Pending Suit (MPS) - any hope? (1 Post)
Started By:
17 March, 2017 11:50AM
Maintenance Pending Suit (MPS) - any hope?
CaptainM - 17 March, 2017 11:50AM
I have my MPS hearing coming up soon (as part of first finance hearing) and am wondering what outcomes others have had with these applications?

STBXH and I were supposed to have exchanged Form Es a couple of weeks ago. He has ceased all contribution to our young children since our separation early last year, despite them mainly living with me.

He is the higher earner (by far), has rental properties etc and has refused to submit his Form E (despite me chasing a couple of times), presumably because he is buying time to dispose assets - which I have evidence of.

I'm guessing the finance hearing would not happen as planned and he'll just get told off for not submitting his Form E. We will then get given a date for months away as courts are so busy!

Should I be holding out hope for the MPS hearing? At least, he can start contributing something before the next hearing. Can't keep accumulating debt!

Also, has anyone used a barrister for MPS? My ex will try every trick known to man to help him shy away from his responsibilities!
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