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Ex forcing me to reduce asking price?? (4 Posts)
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14 March, 2017 11:20PM
Ex forcing me to reduce asking price??
rhirich - 14 March, 2017 11:20PM
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Re: Ex forcing me to reduce asking price??
HatMan - 15 March, 2017 07:29AM
With respect...if it's been on the market for 8 months and hasn't received an offer it IS on at the wrong price - The market dictates the selling price and clearly you are asking too much for the place. You cannot really complain about paying the mortgage as you have the benefit of living there at present, frankly I would bite the bullet and get it sold - you are talking about a difference to you of maybe £15K which in the great scheme of things ain't worth worrying about.

Nb I have no idea about the legal side of the issue - just looking at it from a logical viewpoint!
Re: Ex forcing me to reduce asking price??
rhirich - 15 March, 2017 10:58AM
I appreciate that however there is a lot of interest now, (now it has a woman's touch) and whether it's the new photos or because it's Spring, I don't know (apparently people tend to look at houses after Christmas not before)
we cannot conjure up a buyer out of the blue. My main concern is that the ex will push for further reductions for a quick sale, which is all well and good for her as she doesn't need to purchase a home out of the money (she will have to pay capital gains tax) whereas I'm worried sick about having enough left over to buy somewhere suitable to live afterwards.

Sorry just seen in my first post - I meant we each have 50%
Re: Ex forcing me to reduce asking price??
HatMan - 15 March, 2017 03:35PM
I doubt if she will have to pay CGT if the house you are talking about was the FMH until she moved out, that would only apply on a second property.

Anyway..as I say purely from a selling perspective the house will find it's level in the market - you cannot dictate the selling price, the market will do that for you and the proof of the pudding will be in the eating ( to mix a metaphor )
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