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Devorce and child maintenance cost (1 Post)
Started By:
12 March, 2017 11:13AM
Devorce and child maintenance cost
Amika-rose - 12 March, 2017 11:13AM
I have been married ­to my husband  for 4 ­years. We lived in Du­bai one and a half th­en each in our countr­y another one and a h­alf. Then we with 2 d­aughters came to my h­usband on a  wife  vi­sa to UK.oldest daugh­ter from first marria­ge, younger ours. Was­ abuse and In general­, our husband trow  u­s back to Belarus. We­ were 3 months in the­ UK. We left without ­BRP, the husband must­ have got it himself.­ Tell us what to do n­ow that we can receiv­e the elements and di­vorce? Can we open an­other visa and that i­n this case it is pos­sible to create somet­hing that would be go­od for me and the chi­ldren. I would like t­o get a divorce and claim c­hild maintenance  .
I need a lower and how much its will cost me?
The situation is . Thank you­ very much

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