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Final hearing this is it.. (7 Posts)
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01 March, 2017 03:14PM
Final hearing this is it..
karenlr - 01 March, 2017 03:14PM
So after 18 months of a nasty divorce petition I,ve come to the final hearing...It has cost me an arm and a leg as well as many sleepless nights ..We were on a reserve list but I have just been told we will be appearing...my husband has rejected all my offers and so now we face each other...very sad that it has come to this and like they say there is always three sides to a story ..your side their side...and the truth...I,m so frightened I can hardly breathe ...but I know that after the next 2 days I will have to accept the outcome and hopefully get on with my life....I will let you know my experience I know they are all different but it may help others
Re: Final hearing this is it..
puma931 - 01 March, 2017 04:06PM
I hope it goes well for you.
I have mine the second week of April after is was postponed in December due to lack of judicial resource!
Re: Final hearing this is it..
Bubblegum - 01 March, 2017 05:45PM
They say less than 10% of cases go to a Final Hearing, yet here we all are - lucky us for being in the elite 10% lol.
I have mine in April too. I just want it over and done with and decided one way or another. Do come back and tell us what it's like so we know what we have ahead of us.
All the very best of luck and I hope you get a fair outcome.
Re: Final hearing this is it..
MQS - 02 March, 2017 09:23AM
Yip FH for me too probably sometime in April. 3 times I've been into court and 3 times I have came out wondering why I was so nervous and scared! FH seems the most terrifying though! My husband has hidden nearly all our assets and it's cost me a fortune trying to prove it! (To no avail). Good luck ❤ xxx
Re: Final hearing this is it..
undlou - 09 March, 2017 11:14AM
I hope it goes well for you so you can move on. Best of luck! x
Re: Final hearing this is it..
bubbles - 08 June, 2017 04:12PM
hallo i am repesenting myself due to lack of funds after paying alot for a solicitior who didn't move things forward but wrote lots, OH started the divorce, i employed a solicitor responeded then OH went quite 4 years on it has had a final hearing set which i attended from another country only to find it canceled when i got to the court, not expliantion, i return to my home at great costs, another date was set i wrote to the court explaining i had attened inclosed all costs flights, coaches and hotels etc and that i would not be able to attented this again due to me having a low paid job which i had only been at for 6 months, so the hearing went ahead and i now have a document which say order made by district judge blabla on the 16th may sitting in pravate subject to decree absolute.
It is ordered with effect from decree absolute

what does that mean?? is it the end am i divorce or is there more
Re: Final hearing this is it..
Bubblegum - 08 June, 2017 04:24PM
Oh dear! That doesn't sound good. You should have asked for an adjournment instead of just refusing to turn up. I take it an order has been made in your absence. So what order has been made? How are the assets being split? Maybe you could appeal? I think you usually need to act pretty quick though.byou will be divorced once the absolute is issued and that's when the court order will become enforceable.
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