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Divorce after 9 months of marriage ? (5 Posts)
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14 February, 2017 11:21PM
Divorce after 9 months of marriage ?
192837465 - 14 February, 2017 11:21PM
Me and my wife has been married for 9 months. She since said she does not want to be with me anymore. I am buying her out of our home and she is moving out. We have no children. The reasons for her leaving me is that the feelings have gone.
My question is how do I go about getting a divorce and where do I stand from a legal point of view if I was to buy assets while we are still married even if we are not together anymore ?

Re: Divorce after 9 months of marriage ?
Andyk - 15 February, 2017 05:30AM
Well you can't even start the divorce ball rolling until you have been married a year and it's never a good idea to make substantial purchaes until you are finally divorced.

Also make sure that you get a consent order for a clean break, you might not think you have much now but there have been cases recently where the finances have not been formally finalised and the wife comes back years later.

You say that she doesn't want to be with you anymore, if she happens to be in this country by the fact that she is married to you then you should inform the authorities that you are separated. If that is the case the you should also be careful that she does not accuse you of domestic violence as that is a common ruse in these circumstances.
Re: Divorce after 9 months of marriage ?
192837465 - 15 February, 2017 07:41AM
I've had to purchase a new vehicle for a new career I've taken.

Assuming it's just a waiting game now till we can get a divorce.

She is still living here and will not move out till the house is out of her name.

How does it work with dating to. Do I have to wait till we are divorced ? And my savings will be wiped out from payer her back. But in a few months I will be able to build them back up. Will she be entitled to that savings once a divorce is filed ?
Re: Divorce after 9 months of marriage ?
davidterry - 15 February, 2017 12:24PM
Unless you want to risk antagonising your wife and to make reaching an agreement about finances more difficult you would be wise not to 'date' anyone else until you are divorced and the finances have been settled once for all.
Re: Divorce after 9 months of marriage ?
Andyk - 15 February, 2017 12:24PM
This is a short marriage so the chances are that unless you are a millionaire then she will get very little, however you will have to probably pay her something to get her off your back.

It is the marital home so she has just as much right to be there as you, so get the divorce going as soon as you can and speed it through.

You probably want this as pain free as possible and do as little as you can to hack her off, so I would hold fire on the dating until you are divorced.
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