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Financial infidelity on properties on EU country (1 Post)
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12 February, 2017 12:05AM
Financial infidelity on properties on EU country
sherlyta - 12 February, 2017 12:05AM

I am separate but still cohabiting. for about a year. we have a little child. not arrangements at all, well that I live in his house with my child and he pays food, but then all other expenses for my child and for myself I pay with little income and with savings.

we were married on his country 8 years ago with regime of separated properties. lived in England the whole marriage.
The flat we live in is on mortgage on his name. i have registered my home rights.

One of the issues on the marriage was he sending money to his country to build and fix on his properties that still are on his mum's name. For example he had debt with her sister for doing works, he was paying part the mortgage and I was paying all the bills of the house so he could be paying for the works done. He continues sending money and making the works on his properties.

he is working and I am not as I am on care of my daughter but getting income from child tax credit and for some part time work i used to do which I don't do anymore.

he is improving and building on his properties and in one of them the sister is living. while here I made the living room my room for me and for my child, and he didn't have plans on putting money on having a bigger place and provide for his child.

if I start divorce in England I just can assume those properties on his mum's name doesn't count for any financial arrangement.
so I am left really with only child maintenance in the best of the cases. am I right?

thank you.
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