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Decree nisi and form D80E and D84 query (1 Post)
Started By:
08 February, 2017 10:48PM
Decree nisi and form D80E and D84 query
rjsdcssch88 - 08 February, 2017 10:48PM

I have recently received a court order based on me sending a D11 Deemed of Service application as my husband refused to return the Acknowledgement of Service, I had to go through this route. The court has ordered that I can now apply for Decree Nisi since the time for filing an Acknowledgement of Service has passed and they were satisfied with the service being deemed.

Therefore based on this order and the court being satisfied, I've started filling out forms D80E (based on 5 year separation) and D84.

Form D80E, the section where I have to tick two boxes on the last page, these are:

"I identify the signature appearing in paragraph 10(a) of the Acknowledgement of Service, a copy of which I attach..."

and also:

"I identify the signature appearing in the attached statement dated...",

The court have told me that I should attach the order (it has the court stamp on it and it states the judges decision) with my application as evidence (the court should know about the order). They have also mentioned that it might be worth just writing “see attached Order” at that part of the statement in support. They've also said not to mark the Order as A as the Order isn't a signature.

My question is, which boxes need to be ticked (if any) in this case and where do I write the "see attached Order" as suggested?

My second question is, Form D84, I have ticked undefended case and signed it. Is this correct? I am presuming it is undefended because the Acknowledgement of Service wasn't returned so there is no contesting the divorce.

Thanks so much.

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