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advice on moving back (2 Posts)
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31 January, 2017 06:00PM
advice on moving back
stupidman616 - 31 January, 2017 06:00PM
my wife and i split 6 months ago mainly due to problems resulting from pregnancy
my wife thought i was against her etc etc.
Anyway recently she wants me to move into her new house 1hr away from both our works
etc (she moved there to be beside her family who ironically dont bother with her)
shes lonely and wants help with our two sons all very understandable but not sure
if its from a place of missing me or love.
Anyway at present she left me taking boys with her for no good reason such as an
affair or whatever there was arguments and stuff but nothing serious she is now back to work.
My question is how do i stand in a divorce if i do move bk in and things mess up and i move
out? At present she deserted the family home taking boys and still works. What would happen if
i were to move into hers and she decided to quit work while i was there and when things went bad
and she decided to kick me out (or i walk out) how would that affect a divorce? is there any difference
in a divorce when it comes to blame etc as to how finances are sorted between two options?
OP1 She leaves me for no good reason taking kids and still works
OP2 I leave her and kids and she has quit work (thinking alimony)

thanks for any advice
Re: advice on moving back
puma931 - 01 February, 2017 10:31AM
You should be able to get a divorce regardless of whether you try to reconcile, on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. A solicitor would be able to assist with filing on these grounds. The reason for the divorce has no impact on the split of finances (there is no blame for who left who, or who had an affair etc).

My advice is see a counsellor on your own initially and then as a couple. Try and work things out and go from there.

Good luck.
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