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DIY divorce petition-no debts, no children, no property. (1 Post)
Started By:
29 January, 2017 09:38AM
DIY divorce petition-no debts, no children, no property.
Hillbilly5 - 29 January, 2017 09:38AM
Hi and thank you in advance for your help.

I have been married two years and intend to file for divorce on the grounds of my wife's unreasonable behaviour. For the last year of our marriage she has had at least two emotional affairs with guys with constant texting, skyping, calling and the last one looks like has turned into more than an emotional affair as I found a hotel receipt with her name and Mr X on it for after they had dinner one night. She has lied to me and frequently puts me down and had isolated me from my family. And in addition told me about an incident where her and another guy were groping one another and touching one another up. I feel that I have good grounds for divorce for unreasonable behaviour.I have began to write my statement of her unreasonable behaviour for the divorce but just wondered whether the kind of behaviour I cite are sufficient? I am including dates and how the behaviour made me feel. I'm intending to file this myself without a solicitor as our affairs are pretty uncomplicated.

As far as financial matters are concerned, she works part time and I work full time. We have no debts or property or children so fairly simple except for her unreasonableness. Three months before we separated we bought a fairly new car for several thousand pounds. She has taken this and has said this is fair because she has left me an old banger of a car (03). She said she needs the car for her work but she only works part time for 6 months of the year whereas I commute 50 miles a day. She said that splitting our furniture etc would even up the financial loss to me. She presented me with a handwritten list she had drawn up, which I have since realised didn't include all our furniture etc. I have been to the house and the stuff she has left me is rubbish that I probably won't even get a few hundred pounds for as we bought them second hand. The car she has taken is worth about £4000 the car she left me is worth around £300. When she presented this handwritten list she demanded I did this there and then (in a cafe!), she wouldn't let me take the list and think about it, but it's only when I got back to my parents we have realised she has been uneconomical with the truth about our possessions and what she is giving me. There were no witnesses to the list being signed and she hasn't given me a copy, only a photo of the list, is this binding in law?

Through our marriage I have worked full-time and she has chosen to work part-time and already I'm losing out financially the way she is deciding to split things. Is a judge likely to order a 50/50 split or award more to me as I have been the full-time worker and she has chosen not to work full-time? Can I apply for a consent order only as we have simple financial links or do I still need a solicitor for this part? Can I specify I want a clean break in a consent order?

Has anyone else petitioned for divorce by themselves and what advice would you give?

Thank you.
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