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Stuck at child and spouse maintainence calculation (2 Posts)
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27 January, 2017 12:06AM
Stuck at child and spouse maintainence calculation
Bbaby - 27 January, 2017 12:06AM
I am Considering a divorce with my husband as we are seriously not getting along with each other. Everyday is just a nightmare. i have some questions regarding spousal and child maintenance.

Background information:

We have a 1 year old child
I'm 32, he's 42
He has house and still paying mortgage
His income is just over £2000 and my income is about £1500 monthly.

I'm not sure how much child maintence I get. Also regarding spousal maintainance I'm not able to find anything online. The main problem is that I will have to quit my job completely to look after my child that mean I have no income. I will also have to move back to my parents home, where they will be paying for my expenses. That's food, electricity, heating etcetc any idea how the maintainence is calculated using??

I will only be able to get a full tim job in 3 years time after my mum retires from her job.

I understand he must pay child maintenance, but what can I do if he refuses to pay spouse maintainence?
Re: Stuck at child and spouse maintainence calculation
newcasa - 27 January, 2017 11:32AM
Would you still divorce him if you would only get child maintenance and not spouse maintenance?

How the child is looked after now when you both are working, why would you leave the job after the divorce, what if he does the same?

If he choose to go for clean break you would only may get a lump sum and child maintenance until say the child is 18, and also depends when he bought the house and equity in it.

It would better you talk to him first and see you can sort it yourself like this at-least he would know your intentions and might improve your relationship. smiling smiley

Sorry if it sound judgemental but I am sure these are genuine concerns any true friend would put it forward to you.
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