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Another question, regards financial help for children (2 Posts)
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21 January, 2017 03:26PM
Another question, regards financial help for children
DeborahS - 21 January, 2017 03:26PM
A wonderfully informative forum.

I've been reading some of the posts & had a question regarding child maintenance -

Background is, my ex partner and I had three children together (my daughter was two when we got together, see previous post!) so 4 children in total but three biologically his. We split up 6 years ago, the biological children were then 6, 7 & 12. Ex hadn't worked for quite a few years (bi polar, apparently) I was self employed & worked from home whilst they were at school.

Ex found a new lady friend, so I told him to leave. He refused, and lived between our (rented) house and her flat for a year before he finally left, moving in with an altogether different person! He remained on disability allowance so I received the bare minimum from CSA (about £ per week if memory serves). he went back to work after his disability was terminated (shocking, not) and I requested maintenance for the children. He agreed to give me £150 per month, but failed so many times to do so, that I eventually told him to give the money directly to the children, as I felt he was less likely to mess them about.

This was probably a bad idea, as it doesn't always work, but it's also become their pocket money (they use it for haircuts & football boots etc) I recently moved to a smaller cheaper house but I'm still paying historical debts from when we were together... he went with a clean slate. I'm really struggling financially & he's had foreign holidays, bought cars etc. (I haven't had a car since he traded the family car in for a BMW for himself).

Does it seem reasonable, in terms of financial assistance? I've always pulled my own weight, but the last few months have been dire with both the move, and as all my overtime was cut at work.
Re: Another question, regards financial help for children
jill_of_all_trades - 21 January, 2017 08:14PM
Effectively he is paying £50/month per child ie £12.50 a week and however you look at your bills and however you run your household you will be paying a great deal more. The problem is you don't know how much the foreign holidays are subsidised by his girlfriend and what he is earning and how many hours he works.

I'd have one go at reminding him about the debts he left and showing him the bills and the shopping receipts and give him the chance to see the problems you have. If nothing changes turn it over to the CSA. By my reckoning you have another 6 years at least to go before your youngest is 18 and you need help.
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