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Potential grounds... Decisions! (3 Posts)
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21 January, 2017 02:31PM
Potential grounds... Decisions!
DeborahS - 21 January, 2017 02:31PM
I married in 1991, I was 24 at the time and he was 20 years older. It wasn't great - (he was later described by a debt collector looking for him, as a "Public School Arthur Daley"winking smiley. We had a daughter in September 1995 and he left in March 1996, clearing out the bank account and taking the OD to the limit (£10,000!!) Not a nice person.

I never did hear from him again but managed to trace him to an address in London 5 years later. I had a friend go to the address to verify it was indeed himself (from a photo), but he was using a different name to the one in which he married me.

Bit more digging of records, and he did it seems, marry in this other name 6 years before he married me. He also had a daughter with the previous Mrs. Unfortunate. A bit more digging and his father's name was the one previous wife married in, and mother's name he married me in. I had seen his birth certificate so know that was genuine (certainly good enough for the registry office I assume!) so guessing he must have had an adoption certificate in his "fathers" name in order to use that for the previous marriage.... Now, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that it's likely that he used a different surname because he was still married.

My daughter turned 21 last year, so I'm going to predict that he's not working abroad, or planning on coming back!

Desertion as grounds, or nullify on basis of bigamy (latter as I understand it, is tricky to prove)

What would be the quickest, least expensive method? I also don't have a clue where his papers could be served as he's dropped off the radar & I can't afford an investigator.

Sorry for the rambling, any advice would be much appreciated.
Re: Potential grounds... Decisions!
davidterry - 22 January, 2017 05:34PM
By far the simplest is divorce after five (or more) years' separation. That does not require his consent and, if necessary, can be done whether he can be found or not. It is fair to say that in the latter event it takes longer because of the additional steps a court requires in order to establish that every reasonable effort has been made to locate hi, Because proceedings for nullity are rare you could expect a three ringed circus if you took that route.
Re: Potential grounds... Decisions!
handyian - 03 October, 2017 05:13PM
Don't waste your money unless you want to remarry. Even then don't bother.

Your marriage was bigamous, should not be that difficult to prove, if anybody asks,as you have been digging already.
I believe no action in court is necessary to annul or cancel a bigamous marriage - it is automatically null and void.
You could , I think, even go ahead and remarry with no problems. Describe yourself as single, and if he turns up and disputes it
[ sounds unlikely ] let him pay for proceedings. It's all very sad for your daughter . Good luck.
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