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D80b Questions 5 and 6 (3 Posts)
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14 January, 2017 02:05PM
D80b Questions 5 and 6
Mihaela - 14 January, 2017 02:05PM
Hi. I sent the divorce petition for unreasonable behaviour end of November 16 and also completed the D80B on 13/12/16 stating:

Q5 Is the Respondent’s behaviour as set out in your petition continuing? 'Yes' because we were still living together and he was behaving just the same

and for

Q6 Since the date given in answer to question 5 (or if no date was given to that question, since the date
of your divorce/dissolution/(judicial) separation petition), have you lived at the same address as the
Respondent for a period of more than 6 months? 'No' as, although on 13/12 we were still living at the same address, from the date of the petition were only 2 weeks therefore not more than 6 months.

The court returned my statement saying i should amend the answer for question 6 to reflect still at same address. I just don't understand what I should put there as I answered everything truthfully? And question 6 states if if you answer that you lived at the same address to explain the arrangements b ut that I marked 'No' so there was nothing to explain.

Also he moved out in the meantime on 02/01/17 (which complicates it even more) so now perhaps I should answer to Q5 'No' and record the date when he moved out and then record 'No' for question 6 and try send it again?

And if I change the answer to question 5 because in the meantime he moved out pwon't they think i gave false information on the previous D80B?

Sorry for all the text, I was just trying to explain my situation. Could someone help with advice on this please?
Re: D80b Questions 5 and 6
Law - 14 January, 2017 11:35PM
The court is not always correct, if you think you have completed everything correctly, why not try again for the application.
Re: D80b Questions 5 and 6
Mihaela - 15 January, 2017 07:18AM
Because they answered saying decree nisi won't be granted because of the answer from question 6. If I send the same form back again I doubt they'll change their reply. And I just lost a month waiting for this so can't really risk to loose another. Was just hoping someone can explain why my answer was wrong.
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