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Form e (3 Posts)
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13 January, 2017 12:34PM
Form e
PhilJ - 13 January, 2017 12:34PM
Hi all

Due to financial strain I've had to release my solicitor from my divorce case, with the final hearing coming up early February. Up to this my solicitor has kept to every deadline for the information I was required to submit. However since going it alone my ex wife's solicitor has requested that I resubmit these all over again ( my form e, bank statements etc ). Does anyone know if I'm obligated to do this since it was around October when they were last submitted?
Re: Form e
Bubblegum - 13 January, 2017 02:39PM
I believe you have a duty to provide updating disclosure. At your FDR a Financial Proceedings Directions Order would have been made. If you are required to serve/file updated form E disclosure it would say so on this document. Its usually worded something like this...

Updating disclosure
Each party shall serve their updating disclosure by [insert time and date] / by [insert time] on the date [insert] weeks prior to the Final Hearing.

You just need to bring everything up-to-date, so if you have already provided statements up to October, you only need to provide November to the date of the updated form E. I also gave my last three months payslips.

Do you have an electronic copy of the one the solicitor did? If so, it shouldn't take too long to update. Will you be self representing at the final hearing? The other party is represented so I guess will do the bundle, you need to make sure you agree the index and get everything you want to rely on included. I have a long list of directions to comply with ahead of my final hearing, luckily I have a fair bit of time to prepare.

Good luck!

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Re: Form e
davidterry - 16 January, 2017 03:20PM
What you are obliged to do is set out in court orders, not by what the other side's solicitor tells you. Check the words of any orders. If you make sure you comply with what it says in the court orders then you cannot be criticised. if a court order says you have to supply A then you cannot be made to supply A, B and C (and it is often a bad idea to do so).
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