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Divorce in a new TV Drama (2 Posts)
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13 January, 2017 10:26AM
Divorce in a new TV Drama
jg - 13 January, 2017 10:26AM
Hi all - bit of an odd request here. I'm currently busy on a big TV drama project all about a woman who goes through a bitter divorce. We're filming later this year and are deep in the writing process at the moment. Of course, it's important to get all the facts rights in this kind of project so we are already speaking to a divorce lawyer to make sure we get the procedural stuff spot on.

However, what I'm interested in doing is hearing from real people about their experiences of going through a divorce - particularly when there are children involved. What's it really like? Our female lead character is the breadwinner in the relationship, so this obviously has an impact on the divorce. Is anyone willing to speak to me about their experiences? Preferably London based but not essential? I'm very keen to meet people face-to-face.

It would be amazing to speak to both partners in the relationship to hear the opposing perspectives, so if anyone has had an amicable break up I love to speak to you, but get in touch if this isn't the case too.

Do private message me for more information and I really hope someone can help. We're keen to make this a fantastic drama and to accurately portray real life experiences.
Re: Divorce in a new TV Drama
davidterry - 14 January, 2017 10:05AM
Just as a matter of interest many, perhaps most, couples have a relatively painless divorce. They recognise that it has not worked and they both want to move on. Divorce does not have to be bitter and in many cases it is not. Most people do recognise that marriages can and do break down and then they take a constructive approach to moving on. It would be a mistake to suppose all divorces are bitter. They are not. Obviously there might be emotions of regret or disappointment but bitterness occupies only a small segment of divorce as it does with people generally.

I suppose most people are also honest but that doesn't inhibit the popularity of police dramas. I dare say it is the same with divorce. Perhaps bitter divorces make for better story lines but they are still the exception rather than the norm.
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