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International divorce (2 Posts)
Started By:
09 January, 2017 11:23PM
International divorce
internationaldivorce - 09 January, 2017 11:23PM

I am a Romanian citizen living and working in London. I married my Russian wife in June 2013 In Romania. In January 2014 I got my employment contract in London and moved here. Shortly after she came to me an gave birth to our son in July 2014 in London. (We had made residence for her so everything has been in accordance with the law). Soon after, trouble started between us after her sister's visit. Fights had become more and more intense, she would never be content with anything anymore despite all my efforts. After more than 2 months of fights I bought holiday tickets for all 3 of us to Romania to visit my father hoping that this trip would bring back some positive mood and things would get better. She totally refused, telling me the child is too young to fly (4.5 months old) but the true reason was she had decided to go back to Russia for good to her parents(as I found out later). I took the flight and went by myself to Romania thinking i would a few days to have some rest. 3 days after I landed she writes me that she is in Austria at her sister and that they would soon leave to Moscow together.(She had Russian diplomatic passport so she could get out of the UK with my son without my permission).I got really angry because instead of coming with me to Romania she went with my son to Austria to her sister without telling me, so I filed for divorce. A divorce that has been going on for 2 years in Romania without any outcome. The court had decided that it is incompetent to judge the case, because we were note living in Romania. During these 2 years she got her divorce in Russia and I did not have any notice of the procedures of the divorce. I tried to make peace throughout the court procedures and did my best to reason with her hoping she would bring me back my son (it was technically child abduction) but nothing worked.

Now I find myself in the situation that I am divorced in Russia and married in the EU and I cant get divorced. I would like to get a fair trial to get some legal rights to see my son. I don't know what to do.

If anyone could recommend a lawyer that has international experience I would like to take my case to court and clarify my situation. I hope that is possible!

I greatly appreciate any replies,

Thank you very much,

Kindest Regards,

a heartbroken father
Re: International divorce
davidterry - 10 January, 2017 03:05PM
Your wife was no doubt able to obtain a divorce in Russia because she is Russian and that is where she lived. Assuming she validly obtained a divorce in Russia (and there is no obvious reason why a divorce obtained there should not be valid for the reasons I have mentioned) then there is also no reason why that divorce should not be recognised elsewhere. To prove you are divorced you simply need the Russian divorce certificate and an official translation (assuming you want to rely upon it elsewhere).

As to child contact, you would need to speak to a lawyer in Russia about that but my guess would be that as a non Russian the odds in a Russian court would be stacked against you.
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