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Marriage breakdown after 5 months - 1 Child - 1 House (2 Posts)
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08 January, 2017 11:46AM
Marriage breakdown after 5 months - 1 Child - 1 House
Jason91 - 08 January, 2017 11:46AM
Hi all,

This morning my wife of 5 months moved out to her Mothers house along with our 2 year old daughter.

She has told be she doesn't want to be with me anymore, that she doesn't care about me and only cares for our daughter.

We have a mortgage on a house together, of which I paid the full deposit (about 25k - 10k from a help to buy scheme) This deposit was a result of my savings over several years. We did not co-habitate before moving in together. I have since paid every single mortgage payment, paid every single bill. She contributes financially by purchasing shopping.

I used a government backed help to buy scheme to purchase the house, of which I still owe about £7000. All repayments to this scheme have again been made by myself.

Her Farther lent us £5000 to go towards the deposit, again I have made all repayments to him, with about £2000 left to pay.

My wife has contacted me and says she intends on living in our home with our daughter whilst I move out, whilst I continue to make the full mortgage and bill repayments.

I want my wife and daughter to live in this house, we both decorated my daughters room and she loves it. The house is in a good location with family Close by. But I don't believe I should have to make 100% financial contributions, along with child maintenance, this would leave me with no money to be able to live elsewhere.

Could someone please let me know the likely outcome if this was to go to court, which I believe she intends on doing. I don't want a messy break and I want minimal distruption and unrest for my daughter. But I also want a fair outcome.

Thanks in advance.
Re: Marriage breakdown after 5 months - 1 Child - 1 House
davidterry - 10 January, 2017 07:00PM
Well, if it is any consolation you would not be expected to pay all the costs of the house and child maintenance on top. The costs of the house are child maintenance because that is what provides a roof over the child's head. If what your wife wants comes to pass then you will probably end up paying her child maintenance and possible spousal maintenance. From this she will be expected to pay costs such as the mortgage. You do not pay twice over.
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