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Financial settlement (5 Posts)
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25 September, 2016 03:55PM
Financial settlement
Monsig - 25 September, 2016 03:55PM
Divorcing after nearly 9 years.
Moved to the Northeast with husband having given up my job of 10 years on proviso that he is to retire / travel whilst we're active to do so. Not happened he's still working.
Living in rental ( he paid the rent I paid all utilities ) all the time of marriage was hoping to buy now we've moved. But he wants to rent again.
Husband has 5 houses which generates high rental income only one has a mortgage.
He has started to just claim army pension. He's 55 I am 51. Both have adult children from previous relationship and marriage.
I have no income no savings. He has income savings and pension.
I have asked that if possible could we resolve the marriage quickly so we can live what time we have left happier.
I believe I can find work and try and rebuild my life back in my home town as I have some friends and family who would help with mental support. The last few months have been challenging as with any separation and divorcing.
Question: would I be entitled to a settlement of some sort? I would just like some security over my head.
Thank you
Re: Financial settlement
davidterry - 26 September, 2016 10:56AM
>>would I be entitled to a settlement of some sort?

Yes. Your husband has five houses and a pension. This is not a short marriage. What makes you think you would not be entitled to any settlement? If it because that is what your husband says he is wrong (and he would say that, wouldn't he?).
Re: Financial settlement
Monsig - 19 January, 2017 02:09PM
Thank you for you reply.

My husband has started divorce proceedings which is what we both want. He also informed me as he's the one starting the divorce I do not have to sign anything?

He has told me that I have to leave the house (rental) and all he is to give me is £500 and my train fare back to my home town.
Communication is not happening as my husband wants to protect his assets which he has accumulated over the 9 years we have been married.

All I would like is a roof over my head as I am more than capable of working. I have always worked and it's the fist time in the marriage I have taken the risk and given up a secure job to relocate to the North of England and unfortunately it has bitten me.

Could his solicitors guide him to a settlement without having to go to court which would save himself money.
Or Would it be best to go in to a women's hostel as I haven't the money seek a solicitor.
It's a very isolated environment I am living in at the moment.

Re: Financial settlement
davidterry - 20 January, 2017 12:36PM
Do not move out. Do not move into a women's hostel. Do not listen to a word your husband says. The fact is that there are significant assets here, it is not a short marriage and your husband has an income and you have none. You should speak to a local Citizens Advice Bureau who should at least be able to give you basic advice and point you in the direction of a solicitor who provides a free initial interview. Your husband has a legally enforceable obligation to maintain you which you can, if necessary, compel by means of an application for maintenance pending suit. That maintenance can include provision for payment for legal advice.
Re: Financial settlement
Monsig - 21 January, 2017 10:38PM
I appreciate Your reply.

I will go to CA and seek advise regarding a free initial interview.
I will keep you updated. I don't come on here very often as it's quiet a tense and stressful environment I am facing at the moment, which needs to be resolved.

Thank you again.
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