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  If you are contemplating divorce in England please do not think all cases are the same. They are not. UK divorce laws are complicated. Each marriage is different from every other. Sometimes the differences are major and obvious. At other times they may be small but legally very significant.

We say this because almost every client comes to us with preconceptions about divorce. Those preconceptions are more often wrong than right. For example, people often say that, 'everything should be divided 50/50'. In our experience cases in which everything is divided 50/50 are in a tiny minority. There are so many circumstances which justify a departure from equality in dividing assets in divorce that it usually pays to take advice before committing yourself to that assumption.

Other common examples are people who think that financial matters need to be settled before even issuing a divorce petition, that in some way they need the co-operation of the other spouse to have a divorce or that 'unmarried couples rights are the same as married ones. Each of these assumptions is wrong and there are many more in the same vein.

Even if you are conducting a DIY divorce and want a quick divorce do take the trouble to inform yourself properly if you are thinking about divorce. Mistakes can be very expensive and you may not learn about them until years afterwards. You will find much information on this web site and a good place to start is the site index. But do remember that the information on this web site cannot cover everything. It covers those things that we find most people ask or which recur frequently but it is not exhaustive. And we cannot emphasise too much that each case is different.

Please continue for more general advice about divorce in England.

If you cannot find the answer to your question about divorce then by all means contact us by email and we do our best to answer or to try and point you in the right direction.

Do please email if you have any enquiry about anything divorce related. Divorce is the only type of work that we do.