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Background information about us

I am a specialist divorce solicitor in the UK or, more particularly, in England because the legal systems of Scotland on the one hand and England and Wales on the other are different from one another. The issues on these pages all relate to UK divorce laws and they are the sort of questions people approach me about on a daily basis. My name is David Terry and I have an LL.B. from London and an M.A. from Oxford University. When I qualified as a solicitor I was offered a partnership with a firm in Lincoln's Inn, one of the Inns of Court in London, and I worked there as a partner for a number of years.

However, as time has gone by I have concentrated only on one area of work because that is what I prefer and that is divorce and the legal issues which arise from it. This is a specialised divorce practice which does not undertake any other type of work. Many of my clients are British expatriates working overseas who are seeking a divorce in England or involved in divorce proceedings here.

For this reason I know that faxes, telephones and e-mail are usually more efficient than routinely meeting a client in person and e-mail, in particular, is a very quick and effective way of communicating with clients inside and outside the UK. It is perfectly possible, for example, to obtain a divorce in England for two British nationals temporarily working overseas without either party having to attend court in the UK and by using e-mail for all client correspondence. It is also, incidentally, usually cheaper because personal interviews tend to be costly as a result of the time they take up.

I specialise in divorce related work and have done so for many years. Therefore if you need advice on corporate mergers or demergers and such-like there are specialist (and much more expensive) firms for that type of work. The range of issues I have highlighted in these pages is something of a personal choice based upon my own experience of the kind of issues people face in the real world and they do not aim to be exhaustive. However, they are the most common problems and the ones I am most often asked for divorce advice about.

If you have a query please do not hesitate to email and I will do my best to answer or try to point you in the right direction.



Divorce for Ex Pats
Many of our clients live or work outside the UK. You do not necessarily have to come to the UK in order to have a divorce there. Do email for more information.

Divorce Jurisdiction
You do not need to live in England in order to have a divorce here. Divorce jurisdiction depends on residence or domicile which can be quite complicated. Contact us for more information.

Pensions in Divorce
A pension is often the biggest asset in a marriage after the house. Sharing pensions needs a court order and expert advice is usually needed in order to work out whether and how best to do it.

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