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We are divorce solicitors. Divorce and divorce related issues in England is the only type of work that we do. Whether you are in England (or Wales) or working or resident overseas if you need the advice of a solicitor on a matter of UK divorce law - divorce, ancillary relief, spousal maintenance or alimony, pension sharing, custody or residence of children, family law or whatever then please check out the site index for the range of services we can provide.

There are three separate legal issues in the divorce process:-

1. The divorce itself which is the process by which the marriage is brought to an end and at the conclusion of which the parties are free to re-marry if they wish. This part of the proceedings concludes with the granting of decree absolute. There tends to be more or less a fixed cost for this part although the charges of divorce solicitors do vary.

2. Any question affecting the children of the marriage, if any.

3. So-called ancillary relief proceedings which is that part of the process which resolves any financial issues between the parties to the marriage such as dividing pensions, dividing capital, any spousal maintenance etc. This part of any divorce almost invariably needs legal advice - even if it is to ensure there is a clean break and that neither former spouse has any claim upon the other in the future. Not seeking legal advice about this aspect of a can be a very costly mistake. Most people do not want to receive a claim from the former spouse perhaps years after decree absolute if, say, they receive an inheritance or do well in business.

Divorce can often be stressful and traumatic. It is also rather technical. The value added by legal advice usually pays for itself many times over whether that is how to draft a problem free divorce petition, how to complete the acknowledgement of service or, most importantly, how to achieve a fair financial settlement which will be approved by a court and which will enable you to have peace of mind in the future.

Although everyone has their horror stories about the cost of divorce the fact is that the advice of a good divorce solicitor should save you money. And, if handled correctly, the cost is more reasonable than you might think.

We can offer free initial advice and quickly answer most questions about divorce including questions about costs by e-mail. What may seem complicated to you may be very easy for us to answer. Do please click on the email link to contact us.

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Divorce Advice for Ex Pats
Many of our clients live or work outside the UK. You do not necessarily have to come to the UK in order to have a divorce there. Do email for more information.

Divorce Jurisdiction
You do not always need to live in England in order to have a divorce here. Divorce jurisdiction depends on residence or domicile which can be quite complicated. Often spouses who have lived outside the UK for quite a long time can still obtain a divorce here. Contact us for more information.

Divorce and Pensions
A pension is often the biggest asset in a marriage after the house. A pension sharing order needs a court order and expert advice is usually needed in order to work out whether and how best to do it. A very common mistake is to think that a pension must be divided equally. In our experience such cases are very much the exception rather than the rule.